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Manifestations organisées dans le cadre de la journée internationale des jeunes filles dans le secteur des TIC en 2012

​​​​​​Association for the Promotion of Women and Children​

Buea and Ekondo Titi, Cameroon, 2012, April 26​

THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN (APWAC), a Buea based Civil Society Organization, with activities spread out in all the six Divisions of the South West Region of Cameroon, works with about 523 women, young ladies and youth groups.

APWAC seeks to promote and uplift the dignity of women and children through capacity building programs. Her Motto is "Advancement of women and promotion of children's Rights especially the Girl Child.

Reasons why APWAC finds interest in celebrating with our girls and young women The International Girls in ICT and SCIENCE Day.

APWAC Board Members in Buea and Ekondo Titi, started off with series of preparatory meetings where,  activities like Round Table Conferences, Radio and Television Talks, Out Reach Community Sensitization visits, Inter – Female Student Shows (debates, sketches, theme talks etc) with different schools were identified.

The Celebrations of the International Girls in ICT and SCIENCE Day organized by APWAC, was celebrated in Government High School (G.H.S) Buea under the auspices of the Governor's Representative, Mr. Tata Julius Yugen, in Fako Division and Mr. Ngwana Edwin  The Divisional Officer of Ekondo Titi in the Ekondo Titi Municipal Stadium in Ndian Division of the South West Region of Cameroon, West Africa.

The Ceremony in Buea like Ekondo Titi  started off at 1:30 P.M with the singing of the Cameroon National Anthem. Speaking on behalf of the Host Principal, the Vice Principal of GHS Buea welcomed all present and expressed with joy the opportunity given them to be one of the first Host in Cameroon.

In Her keynote address Mrs. Menga Rosaline Nganku the President of APWAC thanked the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for its concern for Women. She linked up this Girls in ICT Day to One of APWAC'S key Objectives to "Promote education, training and professional development for women and implement enterprise development to supply chain and marketing practices that empower women", She questioned if it's possible to attain such goals without a good knowledge in ICT especially in a world that is moving faster than the fastest plane one could ever imagine. She went further to emphasize that ICT and SCIENCE are the key catalyst in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, adding that it is difficult to separate any one of the EIGHT MDG'S from ICT and SCIENCE. Therefore we must ensure that women have full access to ICT to enable them know their Rights and seize opportunities, good working conditions and good salaries. She called on women to stop considering ICT and SCIENCE as a reserve for men concluding that, Experts in ICT and SCIENCE despite the economic turn down do not lack jobs, challenging girls to embrace whole heartedly ICT. The President, Mrs. Menga Rosaline Nganku promised on behalf of APWAC to support any girl or young lady willing to pursue a career in ICT through counseling, information sharing, scholarship and linkages.

Speaking on behalf of the Government, The Governor of the South West Region of Cameroon Represented by His Social and Cultural Adviser Mr. Tata Julius Yugen stressed on the increasing importance of ICT in daily transactions, reasons why he praised APWAC, for initiating the celebration of this Day in Cameroon. He particularly challenged girls and young ladies to develop great interest in ICT and SCIENCE adding that it is now the gate way to a better future for all. He said the Government of Cameroon is aware of the strategic role ICT plays in the development of a nation and so it's doing its best to ensure that ICT Centers are set up in schools. He congratulated APWAC for having made known her intentions to support females wishing to pursue careers in ICT and SCIENCE. He challenged the girls and young ladies to take advantage of this APWAC'S opportunities and transform their lives.

Different Speakers and Female Role models took turns to arouse the girls' interest by sharing their academic and challenging life experiences. Models like, Dr. Mrs. Foba Josepha (Phd Physics'), Head of Division for Research and Publication in the University of Buea , encouraged girls and young ladies to  make things that society needs in the right quality. She through her personal career testimony in which she has being teaching since 1989, advised the female folk to develop interest in engineering and science skills for a more sustainable and  comfortable future.

Mrs. Yakoumtoh, a Lecturer in the University of Douala and a Holder of a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, emphasized that determination is the result. She talked of several challenges she went through during her career studies, but because she had determined on realizing her dream, it ended her degree which she is currently reading a PHD in Mechanical engineering and modern science at the University of Buea. She concluded by saying that this makes her proud because she can manipulate any type of machine put before her. 

Ms. Alison, a Computer Expert in the Regional Delegation of Basic Education encouraged the female audience to pursue a career in ICT by sharing her experiences and mode of intervention in the domain of ICT, she explained how comfortable her knowledge in ICT has placed her, specifying that it has given her a good job, made her gained travelling experiences, and so called on the young ladies and girls to also exploit such opportunities.

The Regional Director of Cameroon Telecommunication Network (CAMTEL) in Buea, Mrs. Elokobi also spoke on the importance of ICT and Science, she stressed on the fact that a good knowledge in ICT will make a great difference and bridge the gap that exist for girls and young ladies as, it will expose them to better opportunities.

Madam Tchonta Rose, Inspector Coordinator of Secondary Education in charge of Computer studies also gave her career testimony and encouraged young ladies and girls to pick up careers in ICT and SCIENCE as it will earn them good working conditions and comfortable salaries.

ADCOME, a Buea based ICT Training centre, who came in as  the major sponsors of this Day's activity,in Buea also boost the interest of these young ladies and girls in ICT and SCIENCE by exposing  them to how fast they can excel through: computer net – working, soft ware engineering, office specialist and party and web site designing.

Pupils and students of schools and colleges thrilled the audience on sketches, talks, poems, debate etc based on the theme. ( SEE VIDEO )

Prizes were awarded to encourage best presentations. The first prize for both Secondary and Primary Schools was a flat screen computer each donated by ADCOME, the second and third prizes took home good consignments of Science and ICT text books. The pupils, students and the ICT instructor of GHS Buea later on had a working session in an ICT LABORATORY.


The ceremony that was celebrated in the Ekondot iti Municipal Stadium started off with an address by the Divisional Officer for Ekondo Titi Mr. Edwin Ngwana. He laid emphasis on the importance and encouragement this activity will play in building and choosing careers for women and young girls. He congratulated the ITU in choosing to celebrate this day in Ekondo Titi through APWAC especially looking at the enclave nature of the place.

Speaking on behalf of the President of APWAC the Sub Regional Coordinator of APWAC'S activities in Ekondo Titi Mrs. Abang Monica talked on the importance of ICT and SCIENCE to women and young girls, and encouraged them to pursue careers in these domains to earn them comfortable jobs and suitable salaries in future.

Some Female Role models also presented their career challenges and success stories that today earn them great joy. Primary school pupils presented sketches, talks, debates, poems etc. Prizes were awarded to encourage best performances.

Many girls are already coming to APWAC'S office to find out how they can pursue careers in ICT and Science.

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