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Episode #9: Addressing the Security Risks of Digital Transformation on IoT


​The accelerated digital transformation has increased the risk of cyber security in parallel. As IoT deployment becomes more frequent and sophisticated, smart cities and communities are also becoming more vulnerable to data breach and other exploits. City leaders must be prepared to response to increased cyber risks and prioritize privacy, security, and trust as the key components of digital transformation, particularly in developing countries.

This webinar examined the security implication of digital transformation and looked at the global development on managing security risks in smart cities and communities. It  also shed light on the latest international standards that were available to enhance security capability of IoTs and other related systems and applications. 



13:00 – 13:05

Opening Remarks
13:05 – 14:50

Session 1: How to secure IoTs and manage IoT risks in cities and communities using standards​?

Moderator: Katrina Destré​e​, Director of Privacy, KUMA LLC

Questions & Answers
14:50 – 15:00

Closing Remarks