Guiding principles for artificial intelligence in cities

The U4SSC Deliverable on Guiding principles for artificial intelligence in cities provides a broad set of suggested principles, enablers, governance methods, policy instrument alternatives and a simple methodology for instilling AI principles in cities.

The U4SSC Deliverable on Guiding principles for artificial intelligence in cities is complemented by the following case studies:

Published in February 2024

Guide for smart and sustainable city leaders

The Guide for smart and sustainable city leaders aims to provide city leaders with practical guidance on how to plan, develop, and implement smart and sustainable city initiatives. The document covers various aspects related to smart and sustainable cities, including the role of technology, governance, policy frameworks, financing, and stakeholder engagement. It emphasizes the importance of leveraging digital technologies to address urban challenges and improve the quality of life for citizens. The guide offers a step-by-step approach to help city leaders assess their current situation, set goals, develop strategies, and monitor progress towards becoming a smart and sustainable city. It provides case studies, best practices, and recommendations based on experiences from different cities around the world. Overall, this document serves as a comprehensive resource for city leaders who are interested in transforming their cities into smart and sustainable environments, leveraging technology and innovation to create more efficient, inclusive, and environmentally friendly urban spaces. 

Published in October 2023

Enabling digital transformation in smart sustainable cities – Master plan

The Enabling digital transformation in smart sustainable cities – Master plan aims to provide guidance and strategies for cities to effectively implement digital transformation initiatives and become smart cities. The document highlights the importance of digital technologies in driving the transformation of cities and improving the quality of life for citizens. It emphasizes the need for a holistic approach that considers various aspects such as infrastructure, connectivity, data management, cybersecurity, and citizen engagement. The master plan provides a framework for cities to assess their current digital readiness, set goals, and develop strategies to enable digital transformation. It covers topics such as smart governance, digital infrastructure, smart mobility, e-services, and innovation ecosystems. Overall, this master plan serves as a comprehensive resource for city leaders and stakeholders involved in the digital transformation of cities. It provides practical guidance, recommendations, and examples to help cities leverage digital technologies effectively and create smart, sustainable, and inclusive urban environments.

Published in October 2023

Reference framework for integrated management of an SSC

The U4SSC developed Reference framework for integrated management of an SSC supports cities in identifying strategic, operational, and connectivity needs for integrated Smart Sustainable City management. It covers basic principles, critical success factors, risks, and a high-level methodology for urban digital infrastructure implementation. It also addresses GovStack Initiative’s Building Blocks alignment, transformation elements, and city technicians’ needs to assess digital transformation and fulfill citizens’ demands while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Published in July 2023

Executive briefing on the metaverse

The Executive Briefing on the metaverse provides a concise overview of the technologies that underpin metaverse, as well as the key challenges and opportunities.

Published in May 2023

Building a people-centered digital future for cities and communities

This Brochure showcases the ITU’s commitment to creating an inclusive, accessible and sustainable digital future that supports the needs of people and communities. The Brochure provides an overview of our key initiatives, programs and Recommendations that accelerate digital transformation. Explore how together, we can make a real difference and build a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous future for all.

Published in May 2023

Procurement guidelines for smart sustainable cities

The Guidelines support city officials and their collaborators to embrace digital commercial approaches that support achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By looking more broadly and holistically across the full public spending lifecycle of digital transformation, the Guidelines support improving the well-being of our people and our planet, today and for future generations. This includes focusing relentlessly on users, and delivering outcomes that address the problems that get in the way of meeting users’ needs. Achieving this means leveraging smart and sustainable public procurement to improve public policy, governance, transparency, and accountability.

Published in May 2023

The role of digital technologies in aging and health

The Role of Digital Technologies in Aging and Health is part of the publication series titled “The Decade of Healthy Aging in the Americas: Situation and Challenges.” The publications are designed to present updated information and data on aging and health, to favor prioritization of effective actions at the local level as well as monitoring and development of public health policies, for the implementation of the United Nations Decade of Healthy Aging (2021–2030) in the Americas. This document presents the opportunities that arise when technology is designed and presented as a tool for aging and how it can improve the lives of older persons. It emphasizes the need to develop innovative and inclusive approaches to encourage the industry and governments to provide technological solutions suitable for older people and everyone. The Decade of Healthy Aging 2021–2030 is a period to guide action toward the transformation of societies to the aging of populations and fostering the inclusion of older people in every decision. This document intends to contribute to this strategy and highlight the upcoming challenges and opportunities around healthy aging through technology use.

Published in April 2023

Compendium of practices on innovative financing for smart sustainable cities projects

The compendium provides a practical insight on the types of projects that can  improve sustainability and smartness of a city, combined with ideas on how they can be financed.  Given the focus on financing in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, innovative financing  of urban development projects is critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  globally.

Published in January 2023