ITU works closely with numerous expert organizations and UN Agencies to make a difference in the lives of city inhabitants worldwide through key projects and initiatives. ITU’s smart sustainable city projects are essential for achieving smart, sustainable cities and communities through digital transformation. These projects unleash innovative ways of working, mobilizing expertise and developing key resources for cities and communities on all fronts related to digital transformation.

U4SSC KPIs in Smart Sustainable Cities

The U4SSC Key Performance Indicators are a vital policy tool for cities wishing to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The KPIs support cities and communities worldwide in evaluating the role and contribution of ICTs and digital technologies in enabling smartness and sustainability. Discover why over 150 cities worldwide have already implemented these KPIs.

U4SSC KPIs Brochure | U4SSC Methodology

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Toolkit on Digital Transformation for People-Oriented Cities and Communities

The Toolkit supports strategizing and planning the digital transformation of cities and communities to promote sustainable, inclusive, resilient and improved quality of life for inhabitants in cities and communities.

The resources contained in this Toolkit include international standards and guidance, the latest research and projections, and cutting-edge reports on various timely topics relevant to the digital transformation of cities and communities.

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Digital Transformation Resource Hub

Digital Transformation Resource Hub is a worldwide resource for policymakers, regulators, academia and cities highlighting the latest external resources.

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