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Mitsuji Matsumoto

​Since joining NTT Labs in 1970, Mitsuji Matsumoto has been engaged in Research in the field of protocol architecture and terminal Matsumoto.jpg
design for Facsimile, Telematics and Multimedia systems. In 1994, he received a Doctor's Degree of Engineering from Waseda
University, Tokyo Japan. In 1996, he joined the Waseda University as a Professor. He started International Standardization activities in 1979 and worked in ITU SGXIV (Facsimile), SG8 (Telematics), SG1 (Non voice Services) and SG16 (Multimedia Services and Systems). In the 2000-2004 study period, he became a Vice Chairman of ITU-T SG16 (Multimedia). In 1993 he also joined the Infrared Data Association (IrDA) in 2003, and Visible Light Communication consortia (VLC) in 2008.  His current research is based on the Engineering Design for the Next Generation Optical Wireless communication, using Laser and LED. He is interesting in the research on the Network Architecture, Sensor Network, Next Generation Mobile, Emergency Call system, Accessibility, Networked Car/ITS and Standardization Education. He is a member of ITU-T Academia, IEEE (Senior member), IET (Formally IEE), and a member of IEICE, IPSJ, IIEEJ (President) in Japan.