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I-CoDI - ITU's International Centre of Digital Innovation


ITU's mission of connecting the unconnected requires more than a “business as usual" approach. Connectivity innovation is key to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals; together with its constituents and partners, the ITU wants to experiment with new tools, processes and methods to create original approaches to complex challenges whilst at the same time, future-proofing its programs, products and services. In order to pioneer these approaches at a global scale, the ITU is establishing I-CoDI, the International Center of Digital Innovation.​

Doreen Bogdan Martin
Hamad Al Mansoori
​​There is a growing digital innovation divide.
Through I-CoDI, we want to provide a safe space for members and stakeholders to develop innovative strategies that accelerate digital transformation
and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

​​The UAE’s Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority - TDRA is proud of the strategic partnership it has established with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which has over the years resulted in many impactful joint initiatives. Among these initiatives is the establishment of the International Centre of Digital Innovation (I-CoDI), an innovation hub which aims contribute to promoting a strong culture of innovation, and the development of ICT human cadres.​

Doreen Bogdan-Martin
Telecommunication Development Bureau, ITU​.
​​H.E Hamad Al Mansoori
Director General TDRA.​

Re-inventing ITU ​products and services to better serve our members and stakeholders and bridge the digital divide

​I-CoDI is helping ITU re-invent its programs, products and services to better address the needs of our members and stakeholders and ultimately bridge the digital divide. I-CoDI will bring together partners from business, academia, and the public and non-profit sectors together with Member States to orchestrate expertise and knowledge, through which innovative products and services can be developed, brought to market and scaled for impact.  

Through I-CoDI, the ITU seeks to consolidate its role as a global orchestrator of powerful solutions to connect the unconnected and to catalyze technology and innovation to address the sustainable development goals. Our objective is to work with partners to define, explore, co-create and pilot connected sets of innovative programs, products and services globally- allowing us to respond to the needs of communities around the world in a more focused way.  

I-CoDI will establish testbeds for connectivity initiatives and work as a global lighthouse to learn about system-level change for policy makers, regulators, the private sector and citizens.

Our Approach

​ ​

About 49 per cent of the world’s population, or 3.7 billion people, are still offline and excluded from the direct benefits of the global digital economy.

To make a sutainable impact we need to focus on system change rather than single point technological solutions. This requires us to work together as “One-ITU" and combine our efforts and expertise with partners. We need to focus on ITU products and services that are “Fit for purpose" and continuously adapted for the needs of our membership. I-CoDI will create synergies within ITU and with partners to organize deep demonstrations of new connectivity approaches at regional and national level.

Our approach is solution-oriented and focusses on new partnerships

  • We collect a ch​allenge relevant to the ITU membership and/or a specific Member sponsor.
  • ​We work together as “One-ITU” and select a challenge to focus our efforts.
  • We explore the problem space, map “hot spots” with the highest impact and design meaningful sets of connected “One-ITU” building blocks.
  • We launch calls for leading experts, regulators and solution providres to co-create building blocks ready to be piloted.
  • ​​We organize deep demonstrations of our connected building blocks with global partners and Member States.

I-CoDI is ​just beginning its journey. As we continue piloting first initiatives and refining our focus areas, the content of this page will evolve. We welcome your feedback and invite you to be part of this global movement. ​