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NOW4WRC23 kick-off

Since the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-19)

the Radiocommunication Bureau has undertaken several bold initiatives to advance women’s participation in all our activities including conferences, meetings, seminars, and Study Groups.  

During the ITU WRS Online 2020 Plenary, in December 2020, the Network of Women for WRC-23 (NOW4WRC23) was launched. The aim of this initiative is to start building capacity and to encourage a larger participation of women in key roles in the next WRC-23, and in our meetings and conferences as delegates, chairs, and vice-chairs.  

This initiative will go a long way to inspire a new generation of women in radiocommunications and contribute towards exceeding the 30 per cent threshold of women in key roles at ITU-R.  

In addition, the Radiocommunication Advisory Group (RAG) Correspondence Group on Gender is already working towards identifying how our membership can reduce the gender parity gap.

NOW4WRC23 kick-off:  A Forum for Networking, Mentoring and Knowledge Sharing