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Work item: L.1502 (ex L.Infrastructure Adaptation)
Status: Approved on 2015-11-29 [Issued from previous study period]
Approval process: AAP
Type of work item: Recommendation
Version: New
Provisional name: L.Infrastructure Adaptation
Equivalent number: -
Timing: -
Liaison: -
Subject/title: Adapting information and communication technology infrastructure to the effects of climate change
Summary: Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can be part of the solution to climate change by, for example, helping countries adapt to the effects of climate change. At the same time, ICT equipment and infrastructure are themselves exposed to the effects of climate change and therefore need to be both robust and resilient. This Recommendation identifies direct and indirect threats of climate change on ICT services and provides options for adaptation and mitigation. These threats include extreme rainfall, flooding, landslides, extreme wind, lightning, extreme humidity, drought, ice storms and heavy snowfall. This Recommendation was developed within the framework of Recommendation ITU-T L.1500. It focuses on telecommunication networks and infrastructure.
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