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Work item: L Suppl. 3 (ex L.1430 Suppl.1 (ex L.supplement RNS))
Status: Agreed on 2013-12-13 [Issued from previous study period]
Approval process: Agreement
Type of work item: Supplement
Version: New
Provisional name: L.1430 Suppl.1 (ex L.supplement RNS)
Equivalent number: -
Timing: -
Liaison: -
Subject/title: Supplement 1 to ITU-T L.1430 - Guidance on practical application of ITU-T L.1430 to a Real-time Navigation Service
Summary: The Real Time Navigation Service (RNS) is composed of satellite navigation system based software which provides real-time information of the optimal route to the destination according to traffic conditions throughout the travel as well as the available parking spaces nearby. The transport sector is expected to save energy consumption by adopting RNS. Based on the experiences from a Korean study, this guidance will describe how to indirectly estimate energy consumption reduction and GHG abatement potential related to Real-time Navigation Service. Future revisions may look into direct estimation methods. This Supplement will be bounded to Recommendation ITU-T L.1430, but will give further guidance on boundary setting; GHG accounting and baseline scenario development; and on measurement, verification and monitoring methods from the ICT based RNS project perspective. Whereas ITU-T L.1430 focuses on the net environmental impact of ICT services from the whole life cycle perspective, this Supplement describes only the environmental impact of RNS during the use stage compared to one in baseline scenario.
Comment: Supplement to L.ICT projects for RNS projects
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