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Work item: L.1320 (ex L.MandM_infra)
Status: Approved on 2014-03-22 [Issued from previous study period]
Approval process: AAP
Type of work item: Recommendation
Version: New
Provisional name: L.MandM_infra
Equivalent number: -
Timing: -
Liaison: -
Subject/title: Energy efficiency metrics and measurement for power and cooling equipment for telecommunications and data centres
Summary: Recommendation ITU-T L.1320 contains the general definition of metrics, test procedures, methodologies and measurement profiles required to assess the energy efficiency of power and cooling equipment for telecommunications and data centres. More detailed measurement procedures and specifications can be developed in future related ITU-T Recommendations. Metrics and measurement methods are defined for power equipment, alternating current (AC) power feeding equipment (such as AC uninterruptible power supply (UPS), direct current (DC/AC) inverters), DC power feeding equipment (such as AC/DC rectifiers, DC/DC converters), solar equipment, wind turbine equipment and fuel cell equipment. In addition, metrics and measurement methods are defined for cooling equipment such as air conditioning equipment, outdoor air cooling equipment and heat exchanging cooling equipment.
Comment: Energy efficiency measures, metrics and measurement for telecommunication infrastructure, power and cooling systems
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Shuguang Qi, Editor
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