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Work item: J.1600 (ex J.pcnp-fmw)
Status: Approved on 2019-10-07 
Approval process: AAP
Type of work item: Recommendation
Version: New
Provisional name: J.pcnp-fmw
Equivalent number: -
Timing: -
Liaison: ITU-T SG12, Broadband Forum, HomeGrid Forum, Multimedia over Coax Alliance
Subject/title: Premium Cable Network Platform (PCNP) - Framework
Summary: To facilitate the Cable TV service provider to continuously monitor or even optimize the performance of the service, in the Cable TV network platform, a functional intelligent analyzer and controller (IAC) can be introduced being responsible for collecting QoS/QoE or other relative factors of a service, analysing the collected data, generating reports or warnings (e.g., when there is an infrastructure problem or software error in the cable TV network), applying improved configurations, etc. The IAC, in a regulated way, can further learn how popular a particular TV show/series is, understand customers' video watching habits or behaviours, and enable corresponding customized value-added services or precision marketing. For example, the IAC can figure out what the peak time curve of a specific link is during a day/month/year, how large the peak and average requirements will be, and even what kind of services a customer is usually immersed in. The IAC therefore can leverage the conventional Cable TV network to enable much more promising advanced services. This new platform with the IAC is then the enabler for those new services towards premium cable network (PCN) including the premium cable TV (PCTV) and the premium cable broadband (PCBB). It is thus necessary to study the PCN platform (PCNP) as an integral framework that comprises IAC as well as other correlated centralized or distributed functions, e.g., service configuration, service controlling, service probing, data reporting, etc. Figure 1 illustrates a simplified reference model of the framework of the PCNP Figure 1. PCNP reference model This new recommendation targets to specify the overall architecture, relevant functional entities, interactions and interfaces among entities and relevant data models, for the entire PCNP to enable advanced multimedia services.
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