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Work item: Q.suppl.ETS_Multi_Access
Status: Under study 
Approval process: Agreement
Type of work item: Supplement
Version: New
Provisional name: -
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Timing: 2020-07 (No priority specified)
Liaison: -
Subject/title: Signalling requirements for IMS emergency telecommunications service in support of multiple accesses
Summary: IP-based mobile network is an important development trends in recent years, voice based on IMS becomes the main voice service solution for 4G and 5G network. IMS system is based on IP connection and is compatible with all kinds of access technologies and device types. Users could access to IMS network via various access technologies with or without authentication based on SIM card. Considering of the differences among multiple accesses, signalling requirements of IMS ETS could be different in several aspects, such as registration, call establishment, QoS, location and so on. By far, the studies and works mostly focus on the standardization of IMS service requirements and VoLTE emergency calling procedure. For the IMS emergency telecommunications via various accesses, it needs much more study and discussion. This draft supplement will first specify the descriptions and scenarios of IMS ETS for multiple accesses, then specify the general and high level requirements for IMS ETS for multiple accesses. The signalling procedure and functional requirements for IMS ETS in support multiple accesses including call establishment, QoS and location are also specified accordingly.
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Muyin Liu, Editor
Guangxu Lyu, Editor
Jianyin Zhang, Editor
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