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Work item: Y.4460 (ex
Status: Approved on 2019-06-13 
Approval process: AAP
Type of work item: Recommendation
Version: New
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Timing: -
Liaison: ETSI, NIST, IoT Forum
Subject/title: Architectural reference models of devices for IoT applications
Summary: Processing power and communication capabilities define how the device communicates and interacts with other entities in an IoT solution. By correlating the processing and communication capabilities classifications, it is possible to enumerate three types of devices: " Low processing and low connectivity device - LPLC device; " Low processing and high connectivity device - LPHC device; " High processing and high connectivity device - HPHC device. This Recommendation describes the architectural reference models of devices for IoT applications, based on a classification of devices defined by processing power and communication capabilities. The architectural reference models described also includes the device's functional entities and the functional entities interaction for each device's architectural reference model. Note: Devices with no processing capabilities are also not considered on this Recommendation because they are simple devices (ID Tags) that were defined on ITU-T Y.2213.
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