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Work item: J.1015 (ex J.dmcd-kl-as)
Status: Determined on 2018-01-30 
Approval process: TAP
Type of work item: Recommendation
Version: New
Provisional name: J.dmcd-kl-as
Equivalent number: -
Timing: 2018-11 (Medium priority)
Subject/title: Embedded Common Interface for exchangeable CA/DRM solutions; The Advanced Security system - Key Ladder Block
Summary: This Recommendation specifies a key ladder for use in association with a key establishment protocol, taking into account, that a content provider encrypts its digital content and uses a content protection system in order to protect the content against unauthorized access. A consumer uses a content receiver to access protected content, where the content receiver contains a chipset that implements one or more content decryption operations. A cryptographic key establishment protocol is used to secure the transport of content decryption keys from the content protection system to the chipset. The steps of the protocol that are implemented within the chipset are referred to as a key ladder.
Comment: Annex A of draft J.1015 was decided to be treated as a separate Recommendation in the SG9 meeting (Bogotá, Colombia, 21-28 November 2018). It was assigned the Recommendation number J.1015.1 (ex J.dmcd-kl-as Annex A).
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Han-Seung Koo, Editor
Peter Mann, Editor
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