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Work item: L.Suppl.33 (ex Suppl.L.ene ICT serv)
Status: Agreed on 2016-10-14 
Approval process: Agreement
Type of work item: Supplement
Version: New
Provisional name: Suppl.L.ene ICT serv
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Timing: -
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Subject/title: Assessment of Energy Consumption of ICT Services
Summary: This document describes a methodology for assessing the energy consumption of an ICT service. This assessment is based upon the traffic generated by the service and the equipment through which that traffic propagates. Methods for assessing the power consumption/efficiency of ICT networks have been studied since some time. In many cases the assessment is focused on equipment and networks rather than on the services that are conveyed by that equipment. Examples include ECR and TEER. In addition to methods dealing primarily with power consumption, The Recommendation ITU-T L.1410 provides a methodology for evaluating the environmental impact of ICT equipment, networks and services objectively and transparently, and is based upon the life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology. The Recommendation ITU-T L.1410 gives general principles for service level assessments and allocation of network power consumption between services This Supplement proposes a more detailed methodology for an assessment of the power consumption of a specific ICT service that is sharing infrastructure with other services. This enables companies to allocate power consumption of all segments of the network (i.e. the allocation can be made in the CPE, access, metro and core networks) to specific services based on throughput. This document provides an overview of the method and a "step-by-step" description of the process.
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