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ITU Internet Reports 2006:

ITU Internet Reports 2006:
Year: 2006, 8th edition
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This eight edition of the ITU Internet Reports, entitled "", delves into how individual lives are changing in the digital age. Prepared especially for ITU TELECOM WORLD (4-8 December 2006 in Hong Kong), the report begins by examining the underlying technological enablers of new digital lifestyles, from upgrading network infrastructure to value creation at its edges. In studying how businesses are adapting to fast-paced digital innovation, the report looks at how they can derive value in an environment driven by convergence at multiple levels. The question of extending access to underserved areas of the world is considered as an important priority. In light of media convergence, a fresh approach to policy-making may be required, notably in areas such as content, competition policy, and spectrum management. Moreover, as our lives become increasingly mediated by digital technologies, the role of digital identities (both abstract and practical) presents a new challenge. Concerns over privacy and data protection are not being sufficiently addressed by current methods for managing identities online. As such, the report examines the changing digital individual, and outlines the need for improving the design of identity management systems for a healthy and secure digital world.

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