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COSITU Version 1.0 SP2 - Software for the Calculation of Costs, Tariffs and Rates for Telephone Services
July 2004   Publication Notice with Order Form

Cost-based pricing, in particular calculation of interconnection rates, has been one of the most high-profile challenges facing both operators and regulators. Negotiating tariffs or rates is a delicate matter, whether it is for a new operator entering a liberalized market or a regulator wishing to set affordable tariffs for national calls without compromising competitiveness among operators. Now, ITU's Market, Economics and Finance Unit has released COSITU, a practical tool which automates the calculation of costs, taxes, tariffs and rates. This powerful tool will permit network operators, service providers, regulators and policy-makers in developing countries to efficiently calculate costs, taxes related to trade in international traffic (accounting, settlement and termination rates), interconnection rates between local operators and tariffs for national and international telephone services, both fixed and mobile. COSITU SP2 is a bilingual software package (software on CD-ROM + user manual: English/Spanish and English/French versions).
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Guide on Data Collection for the application of the COSITU model

This data collection guide is a follow-up to the COSITU user manual. It provides a methodology to help telecommunication regulators and operators to efficiently calculate costs, taxes related to trade in international traffic, interconnection rates between local operators, and tariffs for national and international telephone services, both fixed and mobile, on the basis of a rigorous cost model.
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Financial Institutions Offering Resources for Telecommunication Projects and Technical Assistance in Developing Countries
Fourth edition, 1999   Publication Notice with Order Form

This publication, divided into three categories (multilateral agencies, bilateral agencies and funds), aims at providing easy reference to institutions which provide resources for telecommunication projects and technical assistance in developing countries. It acts as a guide to the main sources of financing for development for governments, regulators and public telecommunication entities, as well as private institutions and enterprises.
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Trends in Economics and Finance - Volume II: Use of Economic Modelling in Telecommunications
2006   Publication Notice with Order Form

In the telecommunication industry, economic modelling techniques such as regression analysis, simulations and linear programming are powerful tools that can aid decision making for governments, regulatory authorities and telecommunication operators. Nevertheless, in many countries such techniques are often under-employed. The aim of this report is to describe the various economic modelling techniques and how they can be used to solve practical problems facing the telecommunication industry: for example how a proposed merger may affect competitive behaviour or how demand and profitability may be affected by a price change.
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Trends in Economics and Finance Volume I: Cost, Tariff and Interconnection Rates - Calculation Methodology and Application to Case Studies
October 2001   Publication Notice with Order Form

This publication is aimed in particular at network operators and regulatory authorities in developing countries who do not have very detailed data at their disposal on their costs or on the development of prices in their market. The first part describes a model for the calculation of telephone service costs, tariffs and interconnection taxes. The second part shows how the application of this model in different situations (case studies) allows for the identification of national political demands concerning universal service obligations.
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Investing in Telecommunications and ICTs in Developing Markets: Shifting the Paradigm
2003   Publication Notice with Order Form

Telecommunications and ICTs have become a key infrastructure necessary for human development. As the sector has transformed into one driven by commercial interest, one question begs to be answered: what actions can be taken to stimulate private investment in the sector, particularly in countries and regions where the opportunities are less obvious? This report provides insight into answers to this question by analysing trends, examining risk factors facing potential investors and by identifying specific investment opportunities in developing markets. Finally, the report makes specific recommendations to the various stakeholders on actions that can be taken to 'shift the paradigm' so that investment will be attracted to those markets most in need.
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Issues in Telecommunications Development Volume I: Finance and Trade
1st edition, 1998   Publication Notice with Order Form

This publication is intended to provide an annual review of various key issues in international telecommunications as examined by the International Telecommunication Union/Telecommunication Development Bureau - ITU/BDT. This year’s authors have focused on trade, partnership and financing within the context of restructuring and globalization.
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Reforming the international accounting rate system - 1999
First edition, 2000   Publication Notice with Order Form

During 1999, ITU’s Telecommunication Development Bureau continued to support developing countries’ efforts to review telecommunication costs and tariff reform. This addendum to the 1998 Review of “Reforming the international account rate system” contains the reports of the 1999 series of seminars and contributions from developing countries to the work of the Regional Tariff Groups and Study Group 3. These reports are complemented by three additional case studies.
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Issues in Telecommunications Development Volume II: Reforming the international accounting rate system Part I - Overview Part II - Case Studies
1st edition, May 1999   Publication Notice with Order Form

On behalf of the ITU, the Telecommunication Development Bureau has taken on the responsibility of assisting countries as they restructure their telecommunication sectors to meet the challenges of globalization and liberalization. Reports from Seminars/Workshops at which developing country representatives reviewed the moves towards international accounting rate reform and a number of papers dealing with cost calculation methodologies are in Part 1, and in Part 2 there are 11 Country Case Studies.
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ICT Market Liberalization Reports for CEE Countries and Baltic States (Lithuania Seminar)

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Broadband Series: Regulation of Global Broadband Satellite Communications
Broadband access and application services, considered as mass high speed services, are relatively new and have yet to reach product maturity. The regulatory understanding of broadband and particularly of the market dynamics associated with broadband is less mature. Regulators and policy makers have tended to view broadband access and services and broadband pricing through the prism of the policy and regulatory frameworks that appeared to serve them well for legacy services of the pre-broadband era. The purpose of these reports is threefold. First, to outline the public policy options for stimulating the deployment of broadband and for maximizing the positive economic impact of this technology. Second, to explore the current economic methodologies and public policy debates focusing on spectrum valuation for broadband wireless services. Finally, to provide broad principles for regulatory action on the definition of pricing strategies for broadband services. The Broadband Series report will include three separated reports focusing on 1) the Impact of broadband on the economy, 2) Exploring the economic valuation and social value of Broadband Spectrum and 3) Pricing strategies for broadband services.
April 2012  

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Broadband Series: Impact of Broadband on the Economy
April 2012  

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Broadband Series: Exploring the Value and Economic Valuation of Spectrum
April 2012  

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Broadband Series: Regulating Broadband Prices
April 2012  

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