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SG20 - Study Group Structure
(Study Period 2017-2020)

Q1/20 End to end connectivity, networks, interoperability, infrastructures and Big Data aspects related to IoT and SC&C 
Q2/20 Requirements, capabilities, and use cases across verticals 
Q3/20 Architectures, management, protocols and Quality of Service 
Q4/20 e/Smart services, applications and supporting platforms 
Q5/20 Research and emerging technologies, terminology and definitions 
Q6/20 Security, privacy, trust and identification for IoT and SC&C 
Q7/20 Evaluation and assessment of Smart Sustainable Cities and Communities 
Regional groups  
SG20RG-LATAM ITU-T SG20 Regional Group for the Latin American Region 
SG20RG-EECAT ITU-T SG20 Regional Group for Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Transcaucasia 
SG20RG-ARB ITU-T SG20 Regional Group for the Arab Region 
SG20RG-AFR ITU-T SG20 Regional Group for the Africa Region 
Other groups under SG20
JCA-IoT and SC&C Joint Coordination Activity on Internet of Things and Smart Cities and Communities 
FG-DPM Focus Group on Data Processing and Management to support IoT and Smart Cities & Communities 
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