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SG11 - Study Group Structure
(Study Period 2017-2020)

CASC Conformity Assessment Steering Committee 
WP1/11 Signalling requirements and protocols for emerging telecommunications networks 
Q1/11 Signalling and protocol architectures in emerging telecommunication environments and guidelines for implementations 
Q2/11 Signalling requirements and protocols for services and applications in emerging telecommunication environments 
Q3/11 Signalling requirements and protocols for emergency telecommunications 
Q4/11 Protocols for control, management and orchestration of network resources 
Q5/11 Protocols and procedures supporting services provided by broadband network gateways 
WP2/11 Control and management protocols for IMT-2020 
Q6/11 Protocols supporting control and management technologies for IMT-2020 
Q7/11 Signalling requirements and protocols for network attachment including mobility and resource management for future networks and IMT-2020 
Q8/11 Protocols supporting distributed content networking and information centric network (ICN) for future networks and IMT-2020, including end-to-end multi-party communications 
WP3/11 Conformance and interoperability testing, combating counterfeit ICT and mobile device theft 
Q9/11 Service and networks benchmark testing, remote testing including Internet related performance measurements 
Q10/11 Testing of emerging IMT-2020 technologies 
Q11/11 Protocols and networks test specifications; frameworks and methodologies 
Q12/11 Testing of Internet of things, its applications and identification systems 
Q13/11 Monitoring parameters for protocols used in emerging networks, including cloud computing and software-defined networking/network function virtualization (SDN/NFV) 
Q14/11 Cloud interoperability testing 
Q15/11 Combating counterfeit and stolen ICT equipment 
Regional groups  
SG11RG-AFR Study group 11 regional group for Africa 
SG11RG-EECAT Study group 11 regional group for Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Transcaucasia (EECAT) 
Other groups under SG11
CASC Conformity Assessment Steering Committee (CASC) 
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