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SG2 registered as T13-SG02-130917-TD-GEN-0169 for meeting [Geneva, 17-26 September 2013]
SG3 registered as T13-SG03-130527-TD-PLEN-0042 for meeting [Geneva, 27-31 May 2013]
SG5 registered as T13-SG05-131202-TD-GEN-0206 for meeting [Lima, 2-13 December 2013]
SG9 registered as T13-SG09-131203-TD-GEN-0194 for meeting [Geneva, 3-11 December 2013]
SG11 registered as T13-SG11-130621-TD-GEN-0144 for meeting [Geneva, 21 June 2013]
SG12 registered as T13-SG12-131203-TD-GEN-0189 for meeting [Geneva, 3-12 December 2013]
SG13 registered as T13-SG13-130628-TD-GEN-0119 for meeting [Geneva, 28 June 2013]
SG15 registered as T13-SG15-130701-TD-GEN-0023 for meeting [Geneva, 1-12 July 2013]
SG16 registered as T13-SG16-131028-TD-GEN-0099 for meeting [Geneva, 28 October - 8 November 2013]
SG17 registered as T13-SG17-130417-TD-PLEN-0192 for meeting [Geneva, 17-26 April 2013]
TSAG registered as T13-TSAG-130604-TD-GEN-0019 for meeting [Geneva, 4-7 June 2013]
RevCom registered as T13-REVCOM-130603-TD-GEN-0011 for meeting [Geneva, 3 June 2013]
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Source: IETF IAB
Title: Appointment of a new IETF Liaison Manager to the ITU-T
Reference: 1245
Approval date: 2013-03-27
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IETF IAB - LS 11Appointment of a new IETF Liaison Manager to the ITU-TIETF IABSG2; SG3; SG5; SG9; SG11; SG12; SG13; SG15; SG16; SG17; TSAG; RevCom; 2013-03-27