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Outgoing from: JCA-IoT and SC&C
Sent for action to:
SG2 registered as T13-SG02-130122-TD-GEN-0015 for meeting [Geneva, 22-31 January 2013]
FG M2M for meeting [Beijing, 26-28 June 2012]
Sent for comment to: -
Sent for information to:
SG11 registered as T09-SG11-120611-TD-GEN-0846 for meeting [Geneva, 11-15 June 2012]
SG13 registered as T09-SG13-120604-TD-GEN-0297 for meeting [Geneva, 4-15 June 2012]
SG16 registered as T13-SG16-130114-TD-GEN-0007 for meeting [Geneva, 14-25 January 2013]
SG17 registered as T09-SG17-120829-TD-PLEN-2960 for meeting [Geneva, 29 August - 7 September 2012]
In response to: COM 2 - LS 144
Source: Convener ITU-T JCA-IoT
Title: Reply liaison on Relationship between M2M and IoT
Approval date: 2012-05-09
Deadline date: -
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LSTitleFromToApproval date
JCA-IOT - LS 15Response to the ITU-T SG2 “Response to JCA-IoT – LS 8 and comments on Y.2060”JCA-IoT and SC&CSG2; 2013-03-11
COM 2 - LS 18Response to JCA-IoT – LS 8 and comments on Y.2060SG2JCA-IoT and SC&C; 2013-01-31
JCA-IOT - LS 8Reply liaison on Relationship between M2M and IoTJCA-IoT and SC&CSG2; FG M2M; SG11; SG13; SG16; SG17; 2012-05-09
COM 2 - LS 144Relationship between M2M and IOTSG2JCA-IoT and SC&C; FG M2M; 2012-03-29
JCA-IOT - LS 3LS to all JCA-IoT Contacts on IoT Standards RoadmapJCA-IoT and SC&CSG2; SG3; SG5; SG9; SG11; SG12; SG13; SG15; SG16; SG17; ECMA International; ETSI TC TISPAN; ITU-R WP 1A; ITU-R WP 1B; ITU-R WP 5A; OMA; ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6; ETSI TC TISPAN WG7; ISO/IEC JTC1/SC31; TIA; GS1 EPCglobal; CEN; ISO/IEC JTC1/WG7; ETSI TC Smart M2M; ISO TC 204; ISO TC 122; ISO TC 104; ETSI TC ERM; YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory; GISFI; GSC MSTF; OGC; 2011-08-23