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Outgoing from: TSAG
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SG2 registered as T09-SG02-101109-TD-PLEN-0161 for meeting [Geneva, 9-18 November 2010]
SG3 registered as T09-SG03-100517-TD-PLEN-0116 for meeting [Seoul, 17-21 May 2010]
SG9 registered as T09-SG09-100719-TD-GEN-0276 for meeting [Geneva, 19-23 July 2010]
SG12 registered as T09-SG12-100518-TD-GEN-0239 for meeting [Geneva, 18-27 May 2010]
SG13 registered as T09-SG13-100419-TD-PLEN-0111 for meeting [Geneva, 19-30 April 2010]
SG15 registered as T09-SG15-100531-TD-GEN-0128 for meeting [Geneva, 31 May - 11 June 2010]
SG16 registered as T09-SG16-100719-TD-GEN-0246 for meeting [Geneva, 19-30 July 2010]
SG17 registered as T09-SG17-100407-TD-PLEN-0738 for meeting [Geneva, 7-16 April 2010]
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Source: TSAG Chairman (Geneva, 8-11 February 2010)
Title: Appropriate usage of document types in SG and WP meetings
Approval date: 2010-02-11
Deadline date: -
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TSAG - LS 8Appropriate usage of document types in SG and WP meetingsTSAGSG2; SG3; SG5; SG9; SG11; SG12; SG13; SG15; SG16; SG17; 2010-02-11