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This entry of the portal is aimed at providing companies, vendors and industries information about the ITU conformity database, the ways to enter products and information about test laboratories.

The ITU conformity database, shows products, entered directly from the vendor/manufacturer, that have been successfully tested for conformity to ITU-T Recommendations and/or their normative references. It may be populated by both members and non members of ITU according to four possible testing routes: two, R1 and R2) following international ISO/IEC conformity assessment procedures and two (R3 and R4) following self assessment procedures An ITU registration code will be assigned to each product entered in the database. The format is “ITU-T CX 1234567”, where “X” identifies which of the four routes has been followed to test the product itself.

Entering products in the database: the products are those that have been successfully tested for compliance to at least one ITU-T Recommendations and/or relevant “normative references”. Data on the products is entered directly by an authorized representative of the vendor by filling an on-line Declaration of Conformity (Coming Soon) that will be submitted to ITU. By submitting the SDoC the sender declares that all statements are true and that he has the authority to make such statements on behalf of the company.

The ITU reserves the right to drop any entry found not to meet the criteria established to populate the database.

Looking for a testing lab: ITU prepared a database of labs (Coming Soon) participating in the ITU C&I Programme. The programme specifies geographical distribution of the labs, technologies and standards that they are able to test. It also shows accredited laboratories and those that have established Mutual Recognition Agreements.

Companies may register their own Labs, if any, in the Laboratories database filling in the Labs Registration on-line form (Coming Soon)

Disclaimer: a laboratory shown in the ITU database cannot be referred to as an ITU laboratory. The ITU database is not certified to be either accurate or complete, but only reflects the information that has been communicated to the ITU secretariat. The ITU secretariat has not verified the veracity or accuracy of the information provided in the ITU database. For details about Standards tested, accreditation, certification, and others users are invited to contact directly the laboratories.

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