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WCIT-12: Daily Schedules

Thursday, December 6, 2012
MeetingStart TimeEnd TimeRoomAgenda
Iranian Delegation08:0009:00Room 60
UK Delegation08:0009:00G
German Delegation08:0009:30J
EU Delegation08:0009:30C
Brazilian Delegation08:3009:30F
South African Delegation08:3009:30E
RCC Meeting08:3009:30D
Swiss Delegation08:3009:30L
Algerian Delegation08:3009:30K
French Delegation09:0010:00H
Kenyan Delegation09:0010:00G
Working Group 2 of Committee 509:3012:30AS12-WCIT12-ADM-0009
Ad-hoc Group 1 of COM 5-109:3012:00C
Mexican Delegation11:0015:00J
ETNO Meeting12:0013:00L
CITEL/APT Meeting12:3013:30D
African Group12:3014:00B
Caribbean Delegation12:3013:30K
Sub-Working Group 5-2A on Misuse13:0014:00E
APT Coordination Meeting13:3014:30G
Arab Group WCIT13:3014:30F
COM 4 - Editorial Committee13:3014:30EDCOM
ARCTEL Meeting14:0015:00L
Working Group of Committee 214:0016:00D
Working Group 1 of Committee 514:3017:30AS12-WCIT12-ADM-0008
Senegalese Delegation17:3018:30F
US Delegation17:3019:00D
Steering Committee17:3018:30C
ETNO Meeting17:3019:00L
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