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Operational Bulletin

Operational Bulletin (2000 editions)
 Operational Bulletin No. 730 (15.XII.2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 729 (1.XII.2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 728 (15.XI.2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 727 (1.XI.2000) and Annexed List: List of Issuer Identifier Numbers for the international telecommunication charge card (In accordance with ITU-T Rec.E.118) (position on 1 November 2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 726 (15.X.2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 725 (1.X.2000) and Annexed List of names of administration management domains (ADMD) (In accordance with ITU-T F.400 and X.400 series Recommendations) (Position on 30 September 2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 724 (15.IX.2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 723 (1.IX.2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 722 (15.VIII.2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 721 (1.VIII.2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 720 (15.VII.2000) and Annexed List: List of Data Country or Geographical Area Codes (Complement to ITU-T Recommendation X.121) (Position on 15 July 2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 719 (1.VII.2000) and Annexed List: Dialling Procedures (International prefix, national (trunk) prefix and national (significant) number) (In accordance with ITU-T Recommendation E.164 (05/97)) (Position on 1 July 2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 718 (15.VI.2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 717 (1.VI.2000) and Annexed List: List of ITU-T Recommendation E.164 assigned country codes (Position on 1 June 2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 716 (15.V.2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 715 (1.V.2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 714 (15.IV.2000) and Annexed List of ITU Carrier Codes (According to ITU-T Rec.M.1400) (02/2000) Position on 15 April 2000 and List of Data Network Identification Codes (DNIC) (According to ITU-T Rec. X.121) Position 15 April 2000
 Operational Bulletin No. 713 (1.IV.2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 712 (15.III.2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 711 (1.III.2000) and Annexed List: List of Signalling Area/Network Codes (SANC) (Complement to ITU-T Recommendation Q.708 (03/99))(Position on 1 March 2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 710 (15.II.2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 709 (1.II.2000)
 Operational Bulletin No. 708 (15.I.2000)
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