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Academia and ITU-T

Bring your ideas on information and communication technologies (ICTs) to life, raise your academic profile and build your career! Together, we can play an active role in the development of our technological world, and collectively craft the future of ICTs.

Academia Membership


​Raise the profile of your academic institution and see the advancement of your ICT innovations through worldwide recognition and adoption of global standards… ITU-T membership is an opportunity to directly influence the creation of globally recognized standards. Alongside the elevation of an institution’s public profile, members enjoy unlimited access to ITU-T Standards and all ITU-T Study Groups. Participation in Study Group activity is especially beneficial, ensuring standards accurately reflect the outcomes of academic research.


ITU Kaleidoscope Conferences


These forward-looking academic conferences are an essential forum for universities, industry and research institutions of different fields, promoting the sharing of knowledge and identification of emerging ICT developments. Submit a paper... you could be the winner of one of the three best paper awards, and receive $10,000 to further develop your ideas. Noteworthy papers are published in IEEE Communications Magazine, and submission of papers often translates into the opportunity to present work to the ITU-T for future collaboration.

Education About Standardization


Interested in collaborating with ITU-T to advance standards education worldwide?

Join the TSB Director’s Ad-hoc Group on Education about Standardization and participate in our workshops.

ITU-T Technology Watch


Technology Watch surveys emerging information and communication technologies and how they can be included within the ITU-T work programme. Submit topic proposals and abstracts for future reports in the Technology Watch series!
Contact for details and guidelines.

IPTV Application Challenge

The goal of the ITU IPTV Application Challenge is to discover innovative IPTV applications, and expand the range of the IPTV ecosystem including e-health, ICT accessibility and all areas that will improve social welfare. The 3rd edition focuses on accessibility aspects. In particular raising awareness of the importance of multimedia and multimodal audiovisual accessibility for everyone, especially persons with a variety of levels and types of disability. The Award ceremony will be at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

For more information click here.

Seminars for Students

Lecture Series

​Would you appreciate a contribution to your academic curricula with a presentation, lecture or workshop by ITU expert staff?
Would a professor of your academic institution like to give a presentation/lecture/workshop on a topic of common interest to TSB staff and your University Faculty?


Internship Program

Improve your skills and gain experience working in the UN agency for ICT… Contact Positions are for a duration of one to six months and cater to a broad range of skill sets. You can also apply for remote internships, working on a research paper at a distance and receiving tutoring via video/phone/mail.

Internship opportunities at ITU via National programmes