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ITU Activities in Europe

​The ITU’s activities in Europe are centered around Projects and Regional Initiatives designed to address specific priority areas of particular importance to the region. Formulated and revised at successive 4-yearly World Telecommunication Development Conferences, the most recent of which was held in Hyderabad in 2010, these regional initiatives mobilize creative partnerships to implement the range of small-, medium- and large scale projects outlined here.
The ITU welcomes potential partners to contact and engage with us in developing and delivering these vital actions
1. Accompany efforts to improve E-accessibility in Central and Eastern Europe
Objective: To provide assistance to Member States in order to offer e-accessibility (including Internet and information access) for blind people and people with visual impairment problems.
Expected results:-
1. Creation of national and regional specialized libraries/databases in order to provide large scale access via Internet for blind people and people with visual impairment problems
2. Establishment of relevant facilities (hardware and software) and implementation of training for users and instructors
3. Promoting and fostering widespread adoption of access services via digital television.
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 2. Facilitating the smooth transition from analogue to digital broadcasting
Expected results:-
1. Overview of policy and regulatory frameworks for digital terrestrial broadcasting, including mobile television
2. Appropriate mechanisms for conversion from analogue to digital archives
3. Provision of assistance in the deployment of interactive multimedia services and applications
4. Sharing the experiences gained through the implementation of this initiative with broadcasters and service providers within and outside the region.
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3. Share best practices in the implementation of e-applications, including e-health
Expected results:-
1. Faster and easier storage of, transmission of and access to medical data and health-related information for healthcare providers and professionals, citizens/patients, academics, researchers, policy-makers and others
2. Capacity building and improved delivery of healthcare services, particularly in rural and remote areas
3. Reduction of operational and administrative costs in implementing healthcare services.
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