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Project development in the areas of regulatory and market environments; development technologies and networks; ICT applications; access to ICTs through special initiatives; capacity building; cybersecurity; emergency telecommunication; climate change; and statistics and indicators. Initiates action necessary for the improvement of the efficiency of project implementation including reporting, evaluation and closure of projects in collaboration with project partners. "

ITU-D projects: stories from the field

Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Lesotho, Comoros and Sierra Leone: bridging the gap by connecting schools and communities.

18-year old Miriam sits in front of a computer. "I can learn a lot of things because I can get new information from other people, what they think about that thing that I've been writing, and what other countries are thinking about that particular topic," she says. 


The ITU has longstanding years of experience in the execution and implementation of projects in ICT for Development. By having in-house expertise in project development, management, implementation and monitoring & evaluation.



To facilitate the development of projects, the ITU Guidelines, Templates and a Study Paper on Best Practices and Lessons Learned in Project Management are available for use.


Call for Partners

During the World Telecommunication Development Conference of the ITU, each region grouped its initiatives and selected the top projects that best met its particular priorities.