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Strategic orientations

Strategic orientations

"Strategic orientations" are principles intended to provide coherence, focus and direction to all of the activities undertaken by the Union. It is impossible to forecast the future completely in the rapidly changing telecommunication environment and to plan for every contingency. Strategic orientations therefore help to ensure consistency of purpose and action in the face of inevitable uncertainty.

The following strategic orientations are proposed for the 1999-2003 strategic plan. They build on the experience of the 1995-1999 period, particularly the results of implementation of Resolution 15 (Kyoto, 1994) and Resolution 39 (Kyoto, 1994), and they seek to apply that experience to the anticipated requirements of the new environment analyzed in part II of this document, in addition to encouraging development of access to basic telecommunication and information services:

  improve customer service — by identifying the specific needs of the Union's membership and other customers, establishing priorities, and providing the highest quality of service possible with available resources;

  innovate — by continuing to develop new activities, products and services under the supervision of the Member States and Sector Members and in accordance with their agreed needs;

  strengthen the Union's financial foundations — by determining and applying appropriate funding mechanisms for ITU activities, products and services (e.g. assessed contribution based on free choice of contributory unit, voluntary contribution, partial or full cost recovery, revenue generation), together with transparent budgetary measures;

  enhance participation by Sector Members — by implementing the recommendations deriving from Resolution 15 (Kyoto, 1994) and Resolution 39 (Kyoto, 1994) as quickly and fully as possible, and by actively marketing ITU membership to all entities and organizations with a potential interest in participating actively in the work of the Union;

  establish partnerships — by concluding a range of formal and informal cooperation agreements with other intergovernmental organizations and with other organizations at the national and regional levels, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), in cases where such cooperation would further the purposes of the Union based upon the identification of specific subjects for cooperation;

  maintain solidarity — between the ITU's Member States and Sector Members in partnership in pursuit of the purposes of the Union;

  inform — by sharing and disseminating information related to the development of economically efficient public telecommunications;

  promote the principle and implementation of a competitive telecommunication environment — by encouraging flexible regulatory systems that provide for a variety of telecommunication services;

  produce Recommendations in timely response to market demand — by streamlining development and approval procedures by each Sector, as appropriate.


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