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​ITU Technology for​ Good

This podcast series focuse​​s on how tech​nology is helping to shape the world around us.

The UNconnected

The UNconnected is an ITU podcast series​ hosted by Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Director of ITU’s Telecommunicatio​n Development Bureau, focusing on bringing 3.7 billion online and achieving social-economic development for all.​​

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​ITU Technologized

Listen to luminaries, influencers, experts, leading lights in government, industry and education as they share​​ their personal​​ perspective on information and communication technologies and their importance for our planet. ​



​​​​​​HEalth and human rights

​​Technology For Good # 9 Digital transformation for the world​

What is Digital Transformation? What does it mean for industry, government, and citizens? And what can we expect from a digitally transformed world? World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, has been celebrated all around the world every year on the 17th of May, since 1969, it marks the founding of ITU and the signing of the first International Telegraph Convention in 1865. This year its focus is on “Accelerating Digital Transformation in challenging times”. Tune in to hear from digital transformation experts at ITU, and in Niger, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya, South Africa and Estonia.

This podcast is the ninth episode of “Technology for Good”- an ITU podcast series that focuses on how technology is helping to shape the world around us. Listen now...and don't forget to like and subscribe to be the first to hear the next episode! Available on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more.

Presented and directed by: Maximillian Jacobson - Gonzalez Produced and
written by: Philippa Young Edited by: Jo Barratt​ ​



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