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SG12 - Study Group Structure
(Study Period 2017-2020)

PLEN Plenary
Q1/12 SG12 work programme and quality of service/quality of experience (QoS/QoE) coordination in ITU-T
Continuation of Q1/12
Q2/12 Definitions, guides and frameworks related to quality of service/quality of experience (QoS/QoE)
Continuation of Q2/12
WP1/12 Terminals and multimedia subjective assessment
Q3/12 Speech transmission and audio characteristics of communication terminals for fixed circuit-switched, mobile and packet-switched Internet protocol (IP) networks
Question 3/12 was discontinued on 18 January 2021, following endorsement by TSAG. The studies of this Question continue under Questions 5/12 and 6/12.
Q4/12 Objective methods for speech and audio evaluation in vehicles
Continuation of Q4/12
Q5/12 Telephonometric methodologies for handset and headset terminals
Continuation of Questions 3/12 and 5/12
Q6/12 Analysis methods for speech and audio using complex measurement signals
Continuation of Questions 3/12 and 6/12
Q7/12 Methodologies, tools and test plans for the subjective assessment of speech, audio and audiovisual quality interactions
Continuation of Q7/12
Q10/12 Conferencing and telemeeting assessment
Continuation of Q10/12
WP2/12 Objective models and tools for multimedia quality
Q9/12 Perceptual-based objective methods and corresponding evaluation guidelines for voice and audio quality measurements in telecommunication services
Continuation of Q9/12
Q14/12 Development of models and tools for multimedia quality assessment of packet-based video services
Continuation of Q14/12
Q15/12 Parametric and E-model-based planning, prediction and monitoring of conversational speech and audio-visual quality
Continuation of Q8/12 and Q15/12
Q16/12 Intelligent diagnostic functions framework for networks and services
Continuation of Q16/12
Q19/12 Objective and subjective methods for evaluating perceptual audiovisual quality in multimedia and television services
Continuation of Q12/9 and Q18/12 (ex Q2/9)
WP3/12 Multimedia QoS and QoE
Q8/12 Virtualized deployment of recommended methods for network performance, quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) assessment
Q11/12 End-to-end performance considerations
Continuation of Q11/12
Q12/12 Operational aspects of telecommunication network service quality
Continuation of Q12/12
Q13/12 Quality of experience (QoE), quality of service (QoS) and performance requirements and assessment methods for multimedia applications
Continuation of Q13/12
Q17/12 Performance of packet-based networks and other networking technologies
Continuation of Q17/12
Q18/12 Measurement and control of the end-to-end quality of service (QoS) for advanced television technologies, from image acquisition to rendering, in contribution, primary distribution and secondary distribution networks
Question 18/12 was discontinued in May 2019. The studies of this Question continue under Question 19/12.
Q20/12 Perceptual and field assessment principles for quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) of digital financial services (DFS)
New Question (endorsed by TSAG on 18 January 2021)
Regional groups
SG12RG-AFR Study Group 12 Regional Group for Africa

Other groups under SG12
IRG-AVQA ITU Intersector Rapporteur Group Audiovisual Quality Assessment
QSDG Quality of Service Development Group
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