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Question 6/2
ICTs and the environment
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Expected output

The output will be a report or reports on the results of the work concluded for each step identified above, taking into account the specific needs of developing countries. Other outputs could be the organization of workshops and seminars for the developing countries, in relation with the relevant ITU-D programme and in consultation with the relevant ITU-T and ITU-R study groups.

Question or issue for study
There are a variety of issues that members will address under this Question in the next four years. It is expected that the following steps for the study will play a major role in the future in order to meet the objective of this Question:
a) In close collaboration with the respective BDT programme(s), identify the regional needs for relevant applications for developing countries.
b) Elaborate a methodology for the implementation of this Question, in particular gathering evidence and information regarding current best practices on how ICTs can help reduce overall GHG emissions, taking into consideration progress achieved by ITU-T and ITU-R in this regard.
c) Consider the role of Earth observation in climate change, as determined by the implementation of Resolution 673 (Rev. WRC-12), on radiocommunication use for Earth observation applications, in order to enhance the knowledge and understanding of developing countries in respect of the utilization and benefits of relevant applications in connection with climate change.
d) Develop best-practice guidelines for the implementation of relevant Recommendations adopted by ITU-T as a result of the implementation of Resolution 73 (Rev. Hammamet, 2016), both for monitoring changes in the climate and reducing the impact of climate change using the action plan in WTSA Resolution 44 (Rev. Dubai, 2012), in particular programmes 1, 2, 3 and 4 thereof.
e) Strategies to develop a responsible approach to, and comprehensive treatment of, telecommunication/ICT waste: policy and regulatory actions required in developing countries, in close collaboration with ITU-T Study Group 5.

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