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Question 6/1
Consumer information, protection and rights: Laws, regulation, economic bases, consumer networks
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Expected output

a) A report to Member States and Sector Members, consumer-protection organizations, operators and service providers, setting out guidelines and best practices that will need to be produced to help these actors to find the tools needed for a better culture of consumer protection as regards information, awareness-raising, inclusion of consumers' fundamental rights in laws and national, regional or international regulatory texts, and consumer protection in the provision of all telecommunication/ICT services as well as the use and management of national telephone numbering resources.
b) Organization of regional seminars on consumer protection: consumer information, protection and rights, laws, economic and financial bases, consumer networks.
Question or issue for study
a) Organizational methods and strategies developed by public consumer-protection agencies with regard to legislation/regulations and regulatory activities.
b) Mechanisms/means put in place by regulators, so that operators/service providers publish transparent, comparable, adequate, up-to-date information on, inter alia, prices, tariffs, expenses related to contract termination, and accessing and updating telecommunication services, in order to keep consumers informed and to develop clear and simple offers, as well as best practices for consumer education.
c) Mechanisms/means implemented by the regulators themselves to keep consumers and users informed about the basic features, quality, security and rates of the various services being offered by the operators, enabling them to know and exercise their rights, to use the services properly, and to make informed decisions when contracting services.
d) The role of international, regional and national organizations for the protection of telecommunication/ICT consumers' rights.
e) Any economic and financial measures adopted by national authorities in the interests of consumers of telecommunication/ICT services, in particular specific categories of users (persons with disabilities, women and children).
f) Consumer-protection challenges associated with the provision of new convergent services (transparency of service offers, fluidity of markets, quality and availability of services, value added services, after-sales service, procedures for dealing with consumers' complaints or concerns, etc.), as well as the policies, regulations and rules established by national regulatory agencies (NRAs) to protect consumers against possible abuses by operators/providers of these convergent services.
g) Best practices and tools to empower users/consumers in managing their data provided to telecommunication service providers.
h) Mechanisms to promote the creation of useful information and practical tools to be used for promoting digital literacy, especially among specific groups such as women, girls, users with disabilities and the elderly.
i) Mechanisms and tools promoted by regulatory bodies to monitor the performance of end-user mobile network services and to assess information on basic features, quality, security and rates of the service received by consumers.
j) Corporate best practices in favour of the consumers of telecommunication services to foster best consumer-education practices.
k) Studies regarding approaches to supporting consumer rights and promoting consumer protection around issues such as quality, security and pricing for telecommunication/ICT services, drawing on best practices and in collaboration with study groups of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T).
l) Identification of best practices for national regulators and operators in the use and management of national telephone numbering resources

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