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Outgoing from: JCA-Res178
Sent for action to:
SG2 registered as T13-SG02-140528-TD-GEN-0327 for meeting [Geneva, 28 May - 6 June 2014]
SG3 registered as T13-SG03-140526-TD-PLEN-0124 for meeting [Geneva, 26-30 May 2014]
SG5 registered as T13-SG05-131202-TD-GEN-0242 for meeting [Lima, 2-13 December 2013]
SG9 registered as T13-SG09-131203-TD-GEN-0290 for meeting [Geneva, 3-11 December 2013]
SG11 registered as T13-SG11-131107-TD-GEN-0217 for meeting [Kampala, 7-13 November 2013]
SG12 registered as T13-SG12-131203-TD-GEN-0226 for meeting [Geneva, 3-12 December 2013]
SG13 registered as T13-SG13-131104-TD-GEN-0163 for meeting [Kampala, 4-15 November 2013]
SG15 registered as T13-SG15-140324-TD-GEN-0080 for meeting [Geneva, 24 March - 4 April 2014]
SG16 registered as T13-SG16-131028-TD-GEN-0165 for meeting [Geneva, 28 October - 8 November 2013]
SG17 registered as T13-SG17-140115-TD-PLEN-0840 for meeting [Geneva, 15-24 January 2014]
Sent for comment to: -
Sent for information to:
TSAG registered as T13-TSAG-140617-TD-GEN-0096 for meeting [Geneva, 17-20 June 2014]
In response to: -
Source: Co-convenors of JCA on PP-10 Resolution 178
Title: JCA-Res178 requests your input
Approval date: 2013-10-27
Deadline date: 2014-01-30
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LSTitleFromToApproval date
SG2-LS83LS/r on JCA-Res178 requests for further input (reply to JCA-Res178-LS007; JCA-Res178-LS008)SG2JCA-Res178; 2015-03-27
SG16-LS136LS/r on requests for further input (JCA-Res178-LS5, LS7, LS8) [to JCA-Res178]SG16JCA-Res178; 2015-02-20
SG2-LS78LS/r on request for further input (reply to JCA-Res178-LS7)SG2JCA-Res178; 2014-09-29
JCA-Res178-LS8JCA-Res178 requests your further inputJCA-Res178SG2; SG3; SG5; SG9; SG11; SG12; SG13; SG15; SG16; SG17; 2014-09-29
SG13-LS82LS/r on request for inputs for JCA-Res178 work (reply to JCA-Res178-LS1; JCA-Res178-LS4)SG13JCA-Res178; 2014-09-19
JCA-Res178-LS4JCA-Res178 requests your inputJCA-Res178SG11; SG13; TSAG; 2014-07-16
JCA-Res178-LS5JCA-Res178 requests your further inputJCA-Res178SG16; TSAG; 2014-07-16
JCA-Res178-LS7JCA-Res178 requests your further inputJCA-Res178SG2; SG3; SG13; SG16; 2014-07-16
SG3-LS28LS/r (reply to JCA Res.178 –LS1) on “Technical Aspects of Telecommunication Networks to support the Internet’’ [to JCA Res.178 ]SG3JCA-Res178; 2014-05-30
SG15-LS113LS/r on JCA-Res178 request for input (reply to JCA-Res178-LS001)SG15JCA-Res178; 2014-04-04
SG2-LS50LS/r on request for input (reply to JCA-Res178 – LS 1– E)SG2JCA-Res178; 2014-02-06
SG17-LS81LS/r on ITU-T JCA-Res178 requests your input [to JCA-178]SG17JCA-Res178; 2014-01-24
SG5-LS53LS/r on JCA-Res178 requests your input (reply to JCA-Res178-LS1) [to JCA-Res178]SG5JCA-Res178; 2013-12-13
SG12-LS42LS/r on nomination of ITU-T SG12 contact [to JCA-PP10 Res178]SG12JCA-Res178; 2013-12-12
SG9-LS60LS/r on requests your input (reply to JCA-Res178 - LS1) [to JCA-Res178]SG9JCA-Res178; 2013-12-11
SG16-LS50LS/r on JCA-Res178 requests your input (reply to JCA-Res178-LS1) [to JCA-Res.178]SG16JCA-Res178; 2013-11-08
JCA-Res178-LS1JCA-Res178 requests your inputJCA-Res178SG2; SG3; SG5; SG9; SG11; SG12; SG13; SG15; SG16; SG17; TSAG; 2013-10-27