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Work item: G.989.3 (ex G.ngpon2.3)
Status: Approved on 2015-10-22 [Issued from previous study period]
Approval process: AAP
Type of work item: Recommendation
Version: New
Provisional name: G.ngpon2.3
Equivalent number: -
Timing: -
Liaison: -
Subject/title: 40-Gigabit-capable passive optical networks (NG PON2): Transmission Convergence Layer Specification
Summary: Recommendation ITU-T G.989.3 specifies the transmission convergence layer of 40 Gigabit-capable passive optical network (NG-PON2) systems providing optical access for residential, business, mobile backhaul, and other applications. An NG-PON2 system supports multiple wavelength channels and enables flexibility to add capacity as the demand grows to 100 Gbit/s and beyond. An NG-PON2 system may contain a set of TWDM channels, or a set of PtP WDM channels, or both. The TWDM channels operate at the nominal line rates of 9.95328 and 2.48832 Gbit/s in both downstream and upstream directions. The PtP WDM channels support nominal line rate classes of 1.25 Gbit/s, 2.5 Gbit/s, and 10 Gbit/s, depending on the PtP WDM client. The transmission convergence (TC) layer is the protocol layer of the NG-PON2 system that is positioned between the physical media dependent (PMD) layer and service clients. It builds on [ITU-T G.987.3], with modifications for NG-PON2 specific features. This Recommendation forms an integral part of the ITU-T G.989 series of ITU-T Recommendations [ITU-T G.989], [ITU-T G.989.1], [ITU-T G.989.2] that, together with the ONU management and control interface (OMCI) [ITU-T G.988], specifies a coherent set of access transmission systems. The NG-PON2 system is also a member of the [b-ITU-T G.9802] family.
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Peter Dawes, Editor
Ming Jiang, Editor
Ken Waters, Editor
Dezhi Zhang, Editor
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