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Work item: X.1541 (ex X.iodef)
Status: Approved on 2012-09-07 
Approval process: TAP
Type of work item: Recommendation
Version: New
Provisional name: X.iodef
Equivalent number: -
Timing: -
Liaison: -
Subject/title: Incident object description exchange format
Summary: This Recommendation describes the information model for the incident object description exchange format (IODEF) and provides an associated data model specified with XML Schema. The IODEF specifies a data model representation for sharing information commonly exchanged by Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) and service providers (SPs) about computer security or other incident types. This is achieved by listing the relevant clauses of RFC 5070 and showing whether they are normative or informative.
Comment: X.1541 was re-determined at the 20 February-2 March 2012 meeting of SG 17
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