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Work item: Q.FW_CSM
Status: Under study 
Approval process: AAP
Type of work item: Recommendation
Version: New
Provisional name: -
Equivalent number: -
Timing: 2019-Q4 (No priority specified)
Liaison: SG2, SG17, SG20, CITEL, RCC, ATU, 3GPP.
Subject/title: Framework for Combating the use of Stolen Mobile ICT Devices
Summary: With the increased functions and capabilities available on mobile devices, the importance and usage of these devices in people's daily lives have been growing in recent years. As a side effect, many countries have observed increased efforts to steal these devices and generate profit, not only by selling the equipment itself but also by illegally using the information contained in it. As a response, initiatives are needed to deter the use of stolen mobile devices and to protect the consumer data stored on these devices against illegal use. It is increasingly common to have devices stolen in a country that has deployed solutions to prevent the use of stolen devices, moved and sold to other countries or regions. Consequently, it is critical to the success of anti-theft initiatives to have coordination and information sharing between the governments and operators from different countries that aim to combat the use of stolen mobile devices in a global environment. Otherwise, there is a risk the illegal trade of stolen devices across borders will not be adequately disrupted and discouraged. It is important to note that since most solutions deployed today to deter the use of stolen mobile devices rely on blocking unique identifiers, a common action taken by the traffickers to bypass these measures is to tamper with the device and alter its unique identifier, sometimes choosing an identifier already in use by a regular device, to allow the equipment to return to the market and to connect to mobile networks. In response to this scenario, some countries around the world are engaged not only in combating the use of stolen mobile devices, but also in preventing devices with changed identifiers from connecting to the mobile networks. Meanwhile governments in some other countries are challenged and unclear on the best strategies to adopt, mainly due to a lack of knowledge or expertise to understand the issue and possible solutions. They require assistance and support to make informed choices about deploying solutions that can be tailored for the needs of their country that could be effective and requirements are necessary to address this challenge, as indicated on the WTSA Resolution 97 (Hammamet, 2016). The present recommendation proposes a framework composed of requirements and a broad range of comprehensive measures that can be taken and applied to combat the use of stolen mobile devices.
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