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ITU-T K.70 (06/2007)

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ITU-T K.70建议书规定了可被电信运营商用于评估发射天线附近累积(总)暴露比并确定主要辐射源的方法。它提供了可降低辐射水平,以便遵守暴露限值的缓解方法的导则。它也提供了(现场)环境(绝大多数情况下,同时暴露于许多不同来源的多个频率)所需程序的导则。辐射源可能属于多个运营商且可能代表着不同的无线电通信业务(如蜂窝系统、集群系统、广播、无线电中继、无线接入等)。
Approval date: 2007-06-29
Provisional, K.pred
Approval process:AAP
Status: Superseded
Observation:This Recommendation contains a software EMF-estimator that implements the methodology described in ITU-T K.70, and gives the possibility to calculate the cumulative exposure for the reference levels. It also contains the library of the radiation patterns of transmitting antennas for a wide range of radiocommunication and broadcast services. The EMF-estimator is not appropriate for the equipment certification in order to put it on the market. A new version v2.0.0 of EMF estimator is available in ITU-T K.70 (2007) Amend.2 (2011-05).
Maintenance responsibility: ITU-T Study Group 5
Further details: Patent statement(s)
Development history
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2 K.70 (01/2018) In force
- here
1.5 K.70 (2007) Amd. 5 (04/2016) Superseded
1.4 K.70 (2007) Amd.4 (12/2014) Superseded
- here
1.3 K.70 (2007) Amd.3 (02/2013) Superseded
- here
1.2 K.70 (2007) Amd.2 (05/2011) Superseded - - here
1.1 K.70 (2007) Amd.1 (05/2009) Superseded - - here
1 K.70 (06/2007) Superseded - - here