SDG Digital Supporters

“As humans, we love to play games. Gaming and Esports exist in the digital world and are a big part of our daily lives and the global digital youth culture – it’s a fact. After years of distance and divide, it’s time to regenerate human connection through digital innovation. We are at a turning point with the Global Goals – success or failure. We need to connect with youth where they are, and we need their help and leadership to lift the SDGs – from theory and innovation towards delivery and impact.”
 Paul J. Foster – CEO, Global Esports Federation
“At Mobily, we deeply understand the transformative power of digital solutions in addressing complex societal challenges. Our vision is shaped by leveraging the transformative power of technology and aligns with the ambitions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Together with international organizations and our partners, we seek to drive positive change and a more sustainable future by harnessing the power of digital transformation and innovation. Collaborating with ITU and UNDP through this initiative delivers on this mission, where technology accelerates and maximizes the impact of SDGs and shapes a better world for future generations.”
Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Badran – CEO, Mobily
“We must leverage the best of technology to bolster the UN Sustainable Development Goals. From enhanced education worldwide through personalized learning, language support, accessibility, and data-driven improvements, to driving sustainability by reducing emissions in half by 2030, artificial intelligence (AI) will enhance progress toward the SDGs. But we must also have collaboration between governments, businesses, and civil society to harness AI’s potential for a more sustainable and equitable future as outlined in the SDGs. The business of business should be to improve the state of the world.”
 Eric Loeb – EVP, Government Affairs, Salesforce
“It’s the right moment for the global community to harness the digital transformation momentum introduced by COVID-19, driving the shift from reactive care systems to proactive, preventative health systems. To advance all SDGs and accelerate health equity, we must extend our focus from healthcare only to population health. The Novartis Foundation uses data, AI and technology to understand what truly drives health outcomes and builds public-private partnerships to improve the health of populations at large.”
Ann Aerts – Head, Novartis Foundation
“Achieving each of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals requires that people work together to imagine and implement new solutions. Mobility, broadband, and the cloud are the 21st century infrastructure, which allows people to work with others and to share ideas no matter where they live or work. Making sure that everybody is online and can participate in the discussion about how to move society forward is not only just and fair, but is a crucial step towards achieving every single SDG.”
Hans Vestberg – Chairman and CEO, Verizon

P2C Champions

“Digital technologies, underpinned by universal broadband connectivity, are a force multiplier in the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals.  Through Amazon’s investments in submarine cables, eero routers, and Project Kuiper — our constellation of satellites in low Earth orbit — we are working to bring the transformative powers of broadband connectivity into communities around the world. We welcome continued partnership with ITU and UNDP to ensure that digital technologies play an essential role for the SDGs.”
Brian Huseman – VP Public Policy, Amazon
The accelerated innovation in digital technology is playing a pivotal role in narrowing the digital divide and promoting universal access to meaningful connectivity and digital opportunities. This will help expedite our path towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 
ZTE Corporation

Other Advisory Group Members

“Agrifood systems must be transformed urgently by science and innovation. Digital is a key enabler and accelerator to enhance efficiencies across sectors, foster inclusivity, strengthen resilience, and sustainability. Effective collaboration is imperative to bridge the digital divide, promote digital literacy, and for data-driven decision-making. FAO joins the UN’s call to convene and shape a digital future that leaves no one behind, actively committing to achieving the SDGs through better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life.”
 Qu Dongyu – Director-General, FAO
“I am fully convinced that development policy can only be successful if it also integrates digital elements. For development policy, the core task is to implement the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. My political work is guided by the 2030 Agenda. But the international community will not be able to achieve the SDGs by 2030 unless quantum leaps are made in digital technology. Development policy and digital policy must be seen and implemented in combination.”
Svenja Schulze – Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
“As we evaluate our progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, digitalization emerges as an important ally to realign the 2030 Agenda. A cohesive global effort is essential, where all stakeholders collaborate to harness the potential of ICTs and digital tools to further shared ambitions for social and economic growth and sustainability. Much like SDG Digital, ICC’s Digitalisation for People, Planet and Prosperity campaign showcases how private sector efforts that drive digital transformation are leveraged to catalyse the attainment of the SDGs.
 Maria Fernanda Garza – Chair, International Chamber of Commerce
Access to digital connectivity is fundamental to a thriving economy and an informed society. It is the backbone of the digital economy. At IFC, we partner with the private sector in emerging markets to provide affordable and reliable connectivity, boost digital skills and digital inclusion, foster tech entrepreneurship, and scale impactful innovations. By working across the entire digital ecosystem, we can advance digital transformation to help achieve the SDGs and a greener, more resilient, and inclusive future.
International Finance Corporation
“The world is at a crucial moment to achieve the 17 SDGs by 2030. Microsoft remains optimistic of the role that data, digital technologies, and AI can have in rescuing, revitalizing, and driving these efforts forward. Partnerships between governments, the private sector, and NGOs, are more critical than ever in meeting these goals.”
Brad Smith – Vice-Chair and President of Microsoft, SDG Advocate
“Equitable access to our digital world creates an ecosystem for transformative localized solutions that can significantly accelerate progress in achieving the SDGs. UNICEF calls for global multisectoral collaboration and commitment to the digital commons and making impactful solutions accessible to all to create a secure, open and equitable future for this and coming generations need to thrive.”
 Thomas Davin – Director, UNICEF Office of Innovations
“Digital technologies, combined with reliable and affordable connectivity, have tremendous potential to improve lives and livelihoods worldwide. As we assess our progress on the road to 2030, we recognize the importance of collective and bold action that translates an affirmative vision of technology’s power into tangible solutions that drive progress. SDG Digital serves an important role by bringing together the global community to help harness digital technologies to accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals.”
 Antony J. Blinken – Secretary of State, United States of America
PVBLIC Foundation is proud to partner with ITU on SDG Digital, bringing together leaders and partners to explore how data and digital technologies can accelerate progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Now, more than ever, these resources are crucial for providing solutions to complex problems, enabling communication, and enhancing data collection and analysis. Progress on the SDGs can be significantly accelerated through innovative solutions and collaboration, both of which depend on data and digital innovation.
PVBLIC Foundation