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Forum régional sur le développement (RDF) et Réunion préparatoire régionale (RPM) pour l'Afrique en vue de la CMDT-14

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RPM Closing Remakrs by Mr. Brahima Sanou, Director, Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT)

· Honorable Dr. Edward K. Omane, Boamah, Minister of Communication and Technology, Ghana

· Honorable Ministers and Vice-Ministers here present

· Mr. Paarock Van Percy, Director General NCA, Ghana

· Mr. Houlin Zhao, Deputy Secretary General, ITU

· Mr. Abdelkrim Soumaila, Secretary General of ATU

· Mr. Andrew Rugege, Regional Director, ITU

Heads of delegations representing Member State and Sector Members

Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen ,

Let it be my happy duty, to reiterate our thanks Honorable Minister Dr. Edward K. Omane, Boamah, the Government, and the people of Ghana on behalf of all the delegates. I am extremely humbled by the hospitality extended to us by our host.

The Regional Development Forum was a great success, and this RPM is another greater success.

The credit goes to the Membership. The credit goes to you all.

Besides the great facilities provided by our host, you submitted contributions rich in content and you participated actively. I am grateful to you for your commitment, determination and resolve.

To our very abled Chairman, Mr. Paarock Van Percy, I thank you for your wise leadership. You flowered and spiced the meeting with jokes that kept stress very far away from us throughout the meeting.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,


We have just adopted the final report of this RPM. I read it again and again. I am very pleased that it incorporates your contributions and your comments during discussions.

This is the beginning of the process and I am sure that you will fine-tune the outputs of this meeting and come up with African common proposals under the leadership of African Telecommunication Union.

As you continue your preparation I recommend you to read documents INF/4 entitled "Report on the BDT Brainstorming Retreat 2012" and INF/5 entitled "Ideas for Innovation in ITU Study Groups". They contain valuable information and ideas coming from two brain storming meetings I took the initiative of organizing.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

ITU statistics indicate that the Africa region is showing a very positive growth with a high uptake of new technologies. This is a great news, because Information and communication technology has become the new foundation where nation states and corporations are building their competitiveness.

Let me take the opportunity of the closing ceremony to thank you Houlin Zhao for your support and for your coming.

I would like to thank Mr. Abdulkarim Soumaila Secretary General for ATU and its team who will continue the coordination process of the preparation of the Africa Region to the WTDC.

You can count on my support and that of all BDT staff because good preparation and coordination at regional level can only facilitate the proceedings of the WDTC.

Let me thank the Ministers and Deputy Ministers, Members of Parliament who took their precious time to be with us all along, the Staff of Ministry, the staff of NCA, the sponsors, the interpreters and all the people who worked behind the scene for the smooth running of our two meetings and making our stay so pleasant.

Let me also thank the ITU staff for its dedication and its hard work, particularly those who have been directly working tirelessly for the success of these meetings.

As I end, let me say this: As we strive to make ICTs universally accessible and to change people's lives for the better, we should turn to the basic ABC of life.

A , for Attitude: because if we have a forward-looking and winning attitude, we will win.


B , for boldness and belief because if we proceed with boldness and the belief that we will make a bold impact in this world, we will succeed.

And C, for Circumstances and Commitment: because even if the external environment brings challenges to our doorsteps, we should remain committed to the cause knowing that we are the agents of change for future generations.

My final word to you, Distinguished Representatives of Member States and Sector Members : Please do not assume that I am too busy to receive your phone call, respond to your e-mail or to welcome you in my office when you are visiting Geneva. I am in this office to serve, and serve at all times. No issue is too small to receive my attention. I look forward to meeting with many of you.

I thank you.