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Work item: Q.BNG-P4switch
Status: Under study 
Approval process: AAP
Type of work item: Recommendation
Version: New
Provisional name: -
Equivalent number: -
Timing: 2021-06 (Medium priority)
Liaison: ETSI ISG NFV, BBF?P4 community
Subject/title: Procedures for Programming Protocol-Independent Packet Processors(p4) Switch-based vBNG
Summary: Traditional vBNG is suitable for low-traffic scenarios. Although it can decouple software and hardware, it enhances the development flexibility greatly and achieves the desired performance with the support of DPDK. However, in the scenario of high-throughput complex service, vBNG faces many challenges. On the one hand, it requires more hardware costs, and on the other hand, performance is also degraded. In order to solve these problems, P4 switch-based vBNG is proposed. Through P4 programming, iterative development can be completed in a short time, and device independence can be realized, which avoids the long period of development and commissioning of physical hardware of the traditional vBNG forwarding plane. The P4 program can be applied to the vBNG forwarding plane device of different manufacturers to control the data forwarding behaviour, completely solving the problem that the network device hardware is bundled by a few manufacturers. It can also support new features of the new protocol or fix existing vulnerabilities through software only, and remove redundant forwarding plane functions according to the application scenario, reducing potential vulnerabilities, reducing operation complexity and improving performance. The P4 community is mainly developed based on the P4 Runtime interface to implement forwarding behavior definition, the P4 interface of a specific device is not defined. Therefore, as a typical form of the vBNG forwarding plane, it is necessary to specify the procedures for Programming Protocol-Independent Packet Processors(p4) Switch-based vBNG, including the framework of system, as well as interface and working procedure.
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