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Work item: Q.Pro-DES
Status: Under study 
Approval process: AAP
Type of work item: Recommendation
Version: New
Provisional name: -
Equivalent number: -
Timing: 2020-07 (Medium priority)
Liaison: GSMA; ITU-T SG2
Subject/title: Protocol at interface between two distributed ENUM servers for IMS
Summary: The draft Rec. Q.DEN_IMS was initiated in SG11 Q1 November 2017 meeting to presents the signalling architecture of distributed ENUM networking in support of IMS interconnection. The lastest output, which can be found in SG11-TD659/GEN ( or T17-SG11RGM-16883-181022-DOC-0050R1) provides the framework, signalling architecture and signalling procedures of the distributed ENUM model for IMS interconnection. The interface between two Distributed ENUM Server (DES) delivers ENUM data profile and relevant management information in support of interconnection between two IMS domains which have interconnection agreements. This interface is an essential interface of the distributed ENUM system. Even though Q.DEN_IMS addresses the signalling requirements and procedures for this interface, the protocols details which satisfies the signalling requirements are absent. It is in urgent demand to complete the specification of the protocol applied to interface I1 to make the distributed ENUM networking solution applicable. Base on the signalling architecture of distributed ENUM networking, this document develops the protocol at interface between two Distributed ENUM Server (DES) in support of the IMS interconnection. Using the protocol specified in this document, the DES can: - initiate and response to an DES node management request, including the requests for DES node enrolment and DES node leaving, etc.; - initiate and responses to an DES ENUM data management request, including the requests for ENUM data records adding, ENUM data records modify, ENUM data records cancellation, etc.;
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Jinlan Ma, Editor
Xiaojie Zhu, Editor
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