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Work item: Y.1545.1 Amd.1
Status: Under study 
Approval process: AAP
Type of work item: Recommendation
Version: -
Provisional name: -
Equivalent number: -
Timing: 2020 (No priority specified)
Liaison: -
Subject/title: Proposed new text in Y.1545.1
Summary: Y.1545.1 Framework for monitoring the QoS of IP network services gives guidance to regulators about QoS parameters for evaluating the quality of internet services, QoS evaluation scenarios and sampling methodologies. During the January 2017 SG12 meeting, Q12/12 discussed on "Radio coverage availability" parameter and recommended further studies on that parameter. This amendment is proposing new text on Radio coverage availability parameter and also a new annex for Y.1545.1 on trustworthy IP QoS monitoring. The amendment will also take into account the proposal on Y.1545.1 from C.84.
Comment: -
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Yvonne Umutoni, Editor
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