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ITU-T J.343.1 (11/2014)

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Hybrid-NRe objective perceptual video quality measurement for HDTV and multimedia IP-based video services in the presence of encrypted bitstream data
Recommendation ITU-T J.343.1 provides hybrid no-reference encrypted (Hybrid-NRe) objective perceptual video quality measurement methods for HDTV and multimedia when encrypted bitstream data are available. The following are example applications that can use this Recommendation:
• potentially real-time, in-service quality monitoring at the headend;
• video television streams over cable/IPTV networks including those transmitted over the Internet using Internet protocol;
• video quality monitoring at the receiver when encrypted bitstream data are available;
• video quality monitoring at measurement nodes located between point of transmission and point of reception when encrypted bitstream data are available;
• quality measurement for monitoring of a transmission system that utilizes video compression and decompression techniques, either a single pass or a concatenation of such techniques;
• lab testing of video transmission systems.
This Recommendation includes an electronic attachment containing test vectors, including video sequences, bitstream files and predicted objective model scores.
Approval date: 2014-11-29
Provisional name:J.bitvqm1
Approval process:AAP
Status: In force
Maintenance responsibility: ITU-T Study Group 12
Further details: Patent statement(s)
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1 J.343.1 (11/2014) In force