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As from 1 January 2010, the ITU Operational Bulletin (OB) will be disseminated electronically with free on-line access. By this means of distribution, the ITU intends to reach a larger number of administrations, Recognized Operating Agencies (ROAs) and service providers. Since 1966, the ITU Operational Bulletin has been a favored medium for the exchange of essential information on changes in international telecommunication networks and services, codes and numbers, maritime services, introduction of new operators, etc.

Administrations and operators are invited to verify that their information is properly listed in the lists annexed to the ITU Operational Bulletin. Any changes should be notified to the ITU by using the Notification Form.

If you are a telecommunication Administration, a Recognized Operating Agency (ROA) or a service provider (via your Administration) and wish to ensure that changes and innovations in your telecommunication networks appear in the ITU Operational Bulletin (issued twice a month), you are requested to send your communication to the ITU by fax (+41 22 730 5853) or by e-mail ( or

By informing the ITU of changes in your networks and new services, you are contributing to the optimum functioning of international telecommunication networks and services worldwide. No fee is requested for communications received and published in the ITU Operational Bulletin.

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 Operational Bulletin No. 1162 (15.XII.2018) and Annexed List:
Mobile Network Codes (MNC) for the international identification plan for public networks and subscriptions (According to Recommendation ITU-T E.212 (09/2016)) (Position on 15 December 2018)
 Operational Bulletin No. 1161 (1.XII.2018) and Annexed List:
List of issuer identifier numbers for the international telecommunication charge card (In accordance with Recommendation ITU-T E.118 (05/2006)) (Position on 1 December 2018)
 Operational Bulletin No. 1160 (15.XI.2018)
 Operational Bulletin No. 1159 (1.XI.2018)
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 Operational Bulletin No. 1155 (1.IX.2018)
 Operational Bulletin No. 1154 (15.VIII.2018) and Annexed List: Status of Radiocommunications between Amateur Stations of Different Countries (In accordance with optional provision No. 25.1 of the Radio Regulations) and Form of Call Signs assigned by each Administration to its Amateur and Experimental Stations (Position on 15 August 2018)
 Operational Bulletin No. 1153 (1.VIII.2018)
 Operational Bulletin No. 1152 (15.VII.2018)
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 Operational Bulletin No. 1149 (1.VI.2018)
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 Operational Bulletin No. 1144 (15.III.2018)
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