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SG17 - Study Group Structure
(Study Period 2017-2020)

WP1/17 Security strategy and coordination 
Q1/17 Security standardization strategy and coordination 
Q15/17 Security for/by emerging technologies including quantum-based security 
WP2/17 5G, IoT and ITS security 
Q2/17 Security architecture and network security 
Q6/17 Security for telecommunication services and Internet of Things 
Q13/17 Intelligent transport system security 
WP3/17 Cybersecurity and management 
Q3/17 Telecommunication information security management and security services 
Q4/17 Cybersecurity and countering spam 
Q5/17 (DELETED IN JANUARY 2021, MERGED INTO Q4/17) Countering spam by technical means 
WP4/17 Service and application security 
Q7/17 Secure application services 
Q8/17 Cloud computing and Big data infrastructure security 
Q14/17 Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) security 
WP5/17 Fundamental security technologies 
Q9/17 (DELETED IN JANUARY 2021, MERGED INTO Q10/17) Telebiometrics 
Q10/17 Identity management and telebiometrics architecture and mechanisms 
Q11/17 Generic technologies (such as Directory, PKI, Formal languages, Object Identifiers) to support secure applications 
Q12/17 (DELETED IN JANUARY 2021, MERGED INTO Q11/17) Formal languages for telecommunication software and testing 
Regional groups  
SG17RG-ARB ITU-T Study Group 17 Regional Group for Arab Region 
SG17RG-AFR ITU-T Study Group 17 Regional Group for Africa 
Other groups under SG17
JCA-COP Joint Coordination Activity on Child Online Protection (JCA-COP) 
JCA-IdM Joint Coordination Activity for Identity Management 
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