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Resolution 69 - Non-discriminatory access and use of Internet resources
The World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-08) was held in Johannesburg from 21 to 30 October 2008. It adopted a number of new Resolutions, including a new Resolution 69 on Non discriminatory access and use of Internet resources.

This Resolution instructs the Director of TSB to integrate and analyze the information on incidents reported from Member States; and to report this information to Member States, through an appropriate mechanism.

The cited Resolution has been brought to the attention of ITU members by TSB Circular 13.

ITU members are asked to use the Notification Form of possible incidents regarding inobservance of Resolves 1 of WTSA Resolution 69, to notify the TSB of such situations.

Any reports received by the TSB will be posted on this website and sent to the Administration of the concerned Member States (that is, the Administration of the Member State from which the report originates, and the Administration of the Member State alleged as responsible to impede the access to public Internet sites).

All reports and any replies are available on this website and can be accessed by ITU TIES users only.
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