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ICTs for a Sustainable World #ICT4SDG

Goal 5. Gender

ICTs for a Sustainable World
Gender Equality

ICTs will play an important role in delivering both gender equality and gender empowerment. ICTs allow women and girls to access information of importance to their productive, reproductive and community roles and to obtain additional resources. Access to ICTs can enable women to gain a stronger voice in their communities, their government and at the global level. ICTs also offer women flexibility in time and space and can be of particular value to women who face social isolation.

There is a growing body of evidence on the benefits of ICTs for women’s empowerment, through increasing their access to health, nutrition, education and other human development opportunities, such as political participation. Women’s sustainable livelihoods can be enhanced through expanded access of women producers and traders to markets, and to education, training and employment opportunities.

ICT can provide new opportunities for women’s economic empowerment by: creating business and employment opportunities for women as owners and managers of ICT-accessed projects, as well as employees of new business ventures; creating an environment, including through training, where women feel comfortable participating in community development activities and advocating for their needs and priorities; developing ICT-based tools that address women’s specific needs and are run by women (for example, literacy programmes, business planning courses, ICT training, access to market and trading information services and e-commerce initiatives); and offering economic opportunities in salaried employment and entrepreneurship, as well as in the ICT sector itself and in jobs enabled by ICT.


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