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CWG-Internet Open Consultations



Following the instruction of the Plenipotentiary Conference 2014,  ITU Council revised its Resolution 1344 (Mod. 2015) resolving that the CWG-Internet should hold both open online consultation and physical open consultation meetings, with remote participation, within a defined period prior to each CWG-Internet meeting. This resolution also specifies the modalities for the online and physical consultations.



    Ongoing Consultation

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  Archived Consultations  

Open Consultation launched by the 8th meeting of CWG-Internet (13-14 October 2016)
Topic: "Developmental Aspects of the Internet"

 Open Consultation launched by the 7th meeting of CWG-Internet (17-18 February 2016)
 Topic: "Building an enabling environment for access to the Internet"

  Open Consultation launched by the 6th meeting of CWG-Internet (1-2 October 2015)
  Topic: "Access to the Internet for Persons with Disabilities and specific needs"

Open Consultation launched by the 5th meeting of CWG-Internet (2-3 February 2015)
Topic: "Challenges and best practices for the design, installation and operation of IXPs"

Open Consultation launched by the 4th meeting of CWG-Internet (3-4 March 2014)

Open Consultation launched by the 3rd meeting of CWG-Internet (11-12 November 2013)

Open Consultation launched by the 2nd meeting of CWG-Internet (30-31 January 2013)