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TSAG informal FTP area and mailing lists

TSAG Informal FTP Area and Mailing Lists (Study Period 2013-2016)

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Important information
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General distribution list of TSAG
rg-strencoop ​t13tsagstrencoop
TSAG Rapporteur Group on Strengthening Cooperation

Chairman: Ms Monique Morrow (USA)
Established: TSAG, June 2013
intracoll ​TSAG Sub-group on Intra-ITU Collaboration and Coordination

Chairman:Mr Vladimir Minkin (Russian Federation)
Established: TSAG, June 2014
rg-stratplan ​​t13tsagstratplan
TSAG Rapporteur Group on Strategic Plan

Chairman: Mr. Fabio Bigi (Italy)
Established: TSAG, June 2013
rg-wm ​
TSAG Rapporteur group on Working Methods

Chairman: Ms Weiling Xu (China)
Established: June 2014
TSAG Rapporteur group on work programme and study group structure

Chairman: Mr Fabio Bigi (Italy)
Established: June 2015

/temp/ (Temporary area - Read+Write access)